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CopyVersum - Christoph Uiberacker


Christoph Uiberacker | 2019 | 4 min 23 sec | AT

RADAR Student Competition

CopyVersum encompasses a “universe consisting of a copy machine”. Everything happens in discrete steps, motion appears like an interference effect.

Counting - Rahil Bustani


Rahil Bustani | 2018 | 11 min 8 sec | IR

RADAR International Competition

History of humanity is the tale of suffering masses in hands of a few.
War is one the most significant tragedies of human history. Many talented and brilliant individuals who never had the chance to escape this ill fate and faced unparalleled injustice. In “counting”, the dessert illustrates the isolation, and the war, loneliness.
The two who reached an agreement on number are joyous. There is a battle in the dessert in front of them and it seems there is a pending doom.  There is suffering, and bewilderment in a dessert that all are dead.

Darkest Valentine - Kathrin Steinbacher

Darkest Valentine

Kathrin Steinbacher | 2018 | 2 min 25 sec | AT/UK

RADAR Student Competition

Love has many very dark sides. It is best to whisper them very quietly to ourselves – and those who are ready to listen.

Deadman's Reach - Quentin Vien

Deadman’s Reach

Quentin Vien | 2018 | 11 min 19 sec | FR

RADAR International Competition

After falling asleep on the London underground, a man finds himself mysteriously spirited into the desert where he follows an illusive trail of a failed love affair. Through the exploration of song writing, the man eventually reaches catharsis and the acceptance that allows him to move on and to find his way out of the desert.

Desire on the Surface of the Skin - Sunny Stanila

Desire on the Surface of the Skin

Sunny Stanila | 2019 | 2 min 42 sec | CA

RADAR International Competition

Desire on the Surface of the Skin is an abstract visual poem exploring desire and touch. The images focus on the viscosity of ink staining paper, flowing and troubling the clarity of water. The film compares paper to the surface of skin and studies the textural experience of touch.

Dream - Andreas Reisenbauer


Dominik Downarowicz, Andreas Reisenbauer | 2019 | 1 min 40 sec | AT

RADAR Austrian Competition

Are our dreams or thoughts really free? The experimental short film Dream was done with the use of a self-programmed artificial intelligence.

Dream - Csasewfara Charlotte


Charlotte Csasewfara, Hillary Shih,  Mukeh Kanagabo, Liu Chang, Huang Yajie | 2018 | 2 min 36 sec | CN

RADAR International Competition

Modern Chinese characters are evolved from hieroglyphics, which are abstract records of reality. We decided to explore this concept with the traditional Chinese Pictograph“夢”(dream) and exert our imagination based on each figure.

Dream or Reality - Chris Uiberacker

Dream or Reality

Christoph Uiberacker | 2019 | 1 min 58 sec | AT

RADAR Student Competition

A windy night in a sleeping room. 6 persons are quietly sleeping when one awakes suddenly. This causes the opposite person to also awake and approach the first one. A kiss is exchanged and more is to come. Was this all reality or just a dream?