Radar Awards Winners

The winners of the RADAR AWARDs 2019.


Many thanks to the members of the RADAR INTERNATIONAL jury, Ruth Lingford, Noel Palazzo and Madi Piller.
The award is donated by Q21 / MuseumsQuartier Wien.

NIKOLINA BOGDANOVIC – The Place From Where I Write You Letters

2018 | 9 min 25 sec | HR

Jury statement: This is a simple film, which evokes complex thoughts and feelings. The filmmaker opens up our senses, recalling memories and connecting with our own personal experiences through examining the interiors of everyday life. The film uses playful humour and skillful timing and pacing to surprise and engage us. This is a wonderful example of reworking archive material to build a sense of the past, which reaches beyond the space that it represents.


Many thanks to the members of the RADAR AUSTRIAN jury, Anita Killi, Robert Dassanowsky and Aga Jarząb.
The award is donated by the Collecting Society of Audiovisual Authors – VdFS.

REINHOLD BIDNER – In trance it

2018 | 6 min 19 sec | AT

Jury statement: A captivating and disturbing combination of traditional oil painting with digital technology to comment on voyeurism in art and cinema. The author manages to extract from the still images the history and humanity hidden in them.


Many thanks to the members of the RADAR PITCH jury, Laure Goasguen, Marie Ketzscher, and Nancy Denney-Phelps.
The award is sponsored by the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO & WKO Wien, Fachverband Film- und Musikwirtschaft).


Project Title: thegermanwordgiftmeanspresentinenglish

Jury statement: We have awarded the prize to a project whose unconventional humour and obvious public appeal was recognized immediately by the jury. We hope that the recipient will use the money to create several short punchy films that we look forward to seeing in the future.


Many thanks to Hubert Sielecki for donating this award.

REINHOLD BIDNER – In trance it

2018 | 6 min 19 sec | AT

Sielecki statement: A visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna reveals portraits of people from times long gone, created by outstanding painters in art history. Through a meditative inspired presentation with special crossfading and morphing techniques, these strong appearances of once living people are set in motion and, with the author’s own music, are revived.


Many thanks to the members of the RADAR STUDENT jury, Anita Killi, Robert Dassanowsky and Aga Jarząb.
The award is donated by the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

KATHRIN STEINBACHER – The Woman Who Turned Into A Castle

2018 | 3 min 45 sec | AT/UK

Jury statement: For combining raw but efficiently designed and done executed animation with an moving story. For the ability to keep us involved in a socially and psychologically important subject using a drawing and graphic metaphor.


The award is donated by the Verwertungsgesellschaft für audiovisuelle Medien GmbH.

ANI ANTONOVA – The Outlander

2018 | 5 min 16 sec | AT

Jury Special Mentions – RADAR AUSTRIAN AWARD

tx-reverse - Virgil Widrich


2019 | 5 min | AT

Jury statement: A film that connects a psychologically engaging narrative through professional presentation of pioneering technology. It is an example of a successful combination of popular media, IT industry, art and existential questions.

Applesauce - Alexander Gratzer

ALEXANDER GRATZER – Apfelmus / Applesauce

2019 | 6 min 51 sec | AT

Jury statement: This film is a surreal and satirical examination of the human condition, technically outstanding and with great humor. It keeps us wondering all the way through.

Jury Special Mentions – RADAR PITCH – PROJECT SLAM


Project title: Edie – screen test

Jury statement: We would like to award a Special Mention to a project with a unique and at times disturbing style that spoke to us because of its original use of glitchy, choppy animation. We would love to see the artist’s vision realised at several festivals / venues around the world, thus adding this arresting visual art experience to the animation and art world.

Jury Special Mentions – RADAR STUDENT AWARD

Gorilla Thrilla - Sabrina Kainz, Doris Blätterbinder, Jens Cherukad


2018 | 5 min 6 sec | AT

Jury statement: A surprising commentary on film noir and a tradition of Hollywood set in 1940s Vienna and populated by animal characters. A startling entertainment.