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Untitled (Improvisation 2) - Zsolt Gyenes

Untitled (Improvisation 2)

Zsolt Gyenes | 2019 | 3 min 40 sec | HU

RADAR International Competition

An experiment for applying a hybrid audio-video technique of abstract moving images.

Wegstücke / routes - Evelyn Kreinecker

Wegstücke / routes

Evelyn Kreinecker | 2017 | 5 min | AT

RADAR Austrian Competition

People are walking along their ways – day by day, enforced, contented or uncertain. Drawn with charcoal on a piece of canvas, lanes are created. Those snapshots are changing and overlapping, telling stories, leaving traces and putting questions: Where should we go, may we go and must we go?

What do I have to do that you fall in love with me - Gerald Zahn

What do I have to do that you fall in love with me

Gerald Zahn | 2018 | 5 min 44 sec | AT

RADAR Austrian Competition

In this animated photo film, a ghost train crawls through the enigmatic landscapes of intertwined bodies. Eerie scenery unfurls, morphing and breathing – a blurring of the lines between animate and inanimate, just as analog and digital.

What I Want - Jasmina Huynh

What I Want

Jasmina Huynh | 2019 | 3 min | AT

RADAR Student Competition

The video revolves around people’s personal experiences and is a critical approach to one of society’s biggest issues – true happiness.

Z-GRID - Van McElwee


Van McElwee | 2018 | 6 min 12 sec | US

RADAR International Competition

Depth is hijacked and used as an imaginal space, shared by artist and viewer. Cell animation reveals cross-sections of non-existent, cloud-like forms moving through the screen, as audio tracks the path of their movement.

➕- Max Hattler

Max Hattler | 2019 | 2 min 32 sec | DE, UK, CN

RADAR International Competition

A symmetrical matrix of generative synthetic growth iterations of varying frequency intensities.