Presenters at the Conference

Anita Killi

Reality and feelings in small paper pieces

Thursday, July 4. 13:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Birgitta Hosea

Live Animation: From Lightning Sketch to Lasers

This presentation will compare historic and contemporary examples of practices in which moving images are created in a live context in front of an audience. 
Tuesday, July 2. 10:30 @ Q21 - MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Dirk de Bruyn

Identity Shifts: Migrating from Analog to Digital Practice

How is Winkler’s migrant identity constituted and expressed through an artisanal practice that uses the ‘flashback form’? 
Wednesday, July 3. 13:00 @ Q21 MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Jorgelina Orfila & Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo

“Stayin’ Alive:” Expanding the life of live-action characters through animation.

Cartoon and virtual animated characters are particular entities. As Joe Adamson wrote, “Bugs Bunny does not exist. But he lives.” 
Wednesday, July 3. 10:30 @ MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Kathrin Steinbacher

Below the surface. Abstraction in Animation:

An exploration of animations unique ability to visualise the experiential. 
Tuesday, July 2. 10:30 @ Q21 - MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Laure Goasguen

How distribution can help you reach the next level of your career?

Specialized in international sales and distribution of animation short films, Miyu Distribution distributes the graduation films of leading animation school as well as films from independent production structures.
Friday, July 5. 12:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Madi Piller

The Shifting Sands - Identity in autobiographical

Moving pictures and identities are articulated by repurposing archival footage in The Shifting Sands, a new experimental work by Madi Piller.
Wednesday, July 3. 13:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Marie Ketzscher

Watching experimental and animation films by female authors in times of #metoo

Thursday, July 4. 11:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Nancy Denney-Phelps

Unsung Women Heroes of Animation?

Nancy outlines the perilous state of recognition of the pioneering women in the animation field from the earliest days up to the 1980's. 
Thursday, July 4. 10:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Nicolas Brault

Brain visualization and theory of mind: creation of a brain-computer interface

The brain-computer interface (BCI) is an emerging technology that transforms brain signals into output commands in real time, allowing the user’s mind to become a kinetic control tool. 
Tuesday, July 2. 11:00 @ Q21 - MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Noel Palazzo

Eye-Fidelity - Identity Construction in Abstract Animation

In this talk, Punto y Raya Festival’s co-founder Noel Palazzo, will discuss how contemporary abstract animation offers new approaches to our notions of identity, memory and time.  
Tuesday, July 2. 13:30 @ Q21 MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Paola Bristot

Tesla Project

Paola Bristot presents the production of Tesla Project 
Thursday, July 4. 12:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Rachel Gutgarts

Success - and then what?

A short talk about handling no-budget productions and how to use your first film as a jump start for your second one. 
Friday, July 5. 13:00 @ Filmhaus Kino

Ramon Reichert

Transient stories. Storytelling on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat

Reichert explores the new forms of temporary narrative on online platforms and social networking sites.
Wednesday, July 3. 12:30 @ MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Robert Dassanowsky

Real / Time / Identity / Discourse

Should you prepare for the long haul to reach progressive growth in life/work/art?
Friday, July 5. 13:30 @ Filmhaus Kino

Ruth Lingford

Dreaming and Animation

Freud described dreams as "the royal road to the unconscious" Could the same be said of animation? 
Wednesday, July 3. 11:30 @ Q21 MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Stefan Stratil

The distorted space-time continuum between feature film and animation

Today’s contemporary filmmaking is full of features containing reflections about the nature of time and space.
Tuesday, July 2. 13:00 @ Q21 MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Virgil Widrich & Martin Reinhart

Time Bending Media – Concept and Making of “tx-reverse 360°”

What happens in a cinema when your film it at a resolution of 10K with a 360° camera and then reverse the spatial and temporal axes? 
Tuesday, July 2. 12:30 @ Q21 – MuseumsQuartier / Raum D

Zsolt Gyenes

The role of hybrid media and error in the abstract motion picture?

What do we mean by hybrid media, error in art and abstract motion picture? We look for answers to such and similar questions.
Wednesday, July 3. 11:00 @ MuseumsQuartier / Raum D